US vs UK #9

US vs UK is a meme hosted by Book Passion for Life.  In this meme, I will post a US and UK cover from the same book, and you guys will vote which one you like best.


The Score:
US: 6 UK: 0 Draw: 2

Revived by Cat Patrick


My Vote:

Totally US, no questions asked.  I don't like the cover for the UK edition at all.  The face the girl is making is REALLY weird, and I don't like the reflection thingy.  To me, the US edition is pretty, eye-catching, and awesome.

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Which cover do you like best?
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Last week's winner was...neither, it was a draw!
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  1. Well, again- I like the US cover better, it looks mysterious and future like, but the UK one looks like it's a frickin' contemporary or about werewolfes.

  2. I can't see them (stupid computer) but I love the US cover :)

    1. I can see it (now...computers!) and yes...definitely US!

  3. Definitely the US cover! Although, I do like that the UK one has a tagline, but the photo is way too generic. If the US cover had a tagline to spice it up a little it would have been perfect :)

  4. I love this US cover! Pretty but creepy in a way. :)

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books


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