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Top 10 of 2012 is an event hosted by Confessions of a Bookaholic, A Life Bound By Books, Fiktshun, Two Chicks on Books, and Magical Urban Fantasy Reads.  Tuesday's post featured Best Books Covers of 2012.  Today's post is my most anticipated of this event because it is Best Book Boyfriends of 2012!  So let's get started!!

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Kerrick <3
In this book, Avry is the only healer left in the Fifteen Realms, and Kerrick is working for a prince, Ryne, who has the plague.  Avry is captured by the police, and Kerrick and his band of men break her out of prison and basically tell her that she has no choice, she must heal Prince Ryne.  But when a healer heals, they take on the cuts or ilnesses they fix, so if Avry heals Ryne, she will die from the plague.  Kerrick starts off as being really cold and mean, but over the coarse of the story he and Avry begin to be attracted to each other, and in the end I end up LOVING him!

Ren <3
This book is the third book in the Nightshade series, so I won't really be going into this particular book.  But basically this whole series is about this girl, Calla - who is destined to be the leader of a pack of wolves - this guy, Ren - who is destined to be the leader of another pack of wolves (I'm sorry I can't remember the pack names, it's been a while) - and this guy, Shay - who is basically just a human guy that the Keepers, who control the packs, tell her to protect.  There's also a lot more going on, but that is the gist of it.  So there is a love triangle, and I'm ashamed to say that I jumped back and forth, and I don't know why becasue Shay is a slime-ball, but I have finally decided on Ren!  He is super-sexy, a werewolf, and devoted.

Adam <3
This book follows the story of Juliette, whose touch kills.  Because of this she is imprisoned.  She hasn't touched anyone in 264 days, until one day a boy, named Adam, is thrown into the same cell as Juliette, and when Juliette touches him, nothing happens.  Then one day the Reestablishement, who runs this dystopian world, takes her out of her cell, and plans on using her as a weapon.  I won't say anything else, but there is some history between Adam and Juliette, and let me just say, I wish there was history between me and Adam, because he's really sexy and nice and brave and...ugh...he's just perfect!

Duval <3
This book follows the story of a girl named Ismae, who is blessed by the god of Death, and escapes from a brutal marriage.  She is taken to a convent, where she learns to be an assassin and serve Death.  Her most important asignment is to go to Brittany, to court, and pose as the mistress of Gavriel Duval, who has been suspected of some murders at court. But she definitely isn't prepared for Duval, or how freaking attractive he is.  He is definitely in the top 3 of my most favorite fictional guys, because he is hot, gentle, and intense.  There is even a passage in my review where I quote the book.  It is a scene where Duval is extremely gentle to I really think you should go read that, just so you can fall in love with Duval as well! 

Dimitri <3
This book is the third book in the Vampire Academy books.  It follows the super kick-ass Rose who is a Dhampir - half human, half vampire - and protects the Moroi Vampire Princess, Lissa.  Rose has them on the run, but other vampires eventually catch up to them and take them back to Vampire Academy, where Rose will continue training to be a Guardian.  Dimitri is assigned to be her trainer, and Rose is basically a pain in the ass, so Dimitri and her go back and forth.  Dimitri is a really kick-ass fighter, and that right there makes him extremely attractive, but he's also really cute and nice and he likes Western books ;P

Aiden <3
This book is basically a rip-off of Vampire Academy, and mostly that's a bad thing, but the one good thing is that there is a character like Dimitri in this book who, like I said above, is smokin.  The Dimitri character in this book is Aiden, and he is just as attractive as Dimitri, because he fights really well and he's very aware of Alex, the main character, and he's realy nice.

Dean <3
This is the second book in the Iron Codex series.  I really loved the first book, The Iron Thorn, but this book wasn't all that great.  But Dean...oh Dean.  In the first book Aoife, the main character hires him to take her to find her father, and Dean is a complete pain in the butt.  He's has a smart mouth, takes pleasure in annoying Aoife, and is super cute, and that's what makes him so attractive because, to be honest, I'm just like that...minus the super cute part ;P

Sol <3
In this book Mia, the main character, lives in Crownsville, where there have been several kidnappings.  Then her brother is kidnapped and she sometimes sees lightes in the sky.  That's when a myserios stranger, Sol, shows up, and Mia connects the kidnappings and the lights to him.  So they go on an adventure.  As you can see from the cover, Sol has a kick-ass tattoo on his back, and he's really just the perfect guy - in the beginning he was kind of a jerk, but by the end he was nice, cute, and very thoughful.

Will <3
This is the second book in the Angelfire series.  The main character, Ellie, find out that she is the Preliator - a really kick-ass angel who can kill tons of reapers, and when she herself is killed she is reincarnated.  But this reincarnation took longer than her other ones, and, unlike the other times she's come back, she doesn't remember anything from her past lives.  But when she meets Will, her Guadian, he reawakens her powers and she get flashbacks of her past.  Will is defnitely in my top 3 favorite book boyfriends because he's just perfect.  He has these really kick-ass tattooes, and he's a kick-ass fighter.  He's really cute and sexy, and I think what makes him so attractive is he doesn't realize how attractive he is!


Perry <3
I was not a huge fan of this book, but I will admit that pretty much the only good thing about this book was Perry.  Like I will say in my review, he put up will all of Aria's crap, and for that I really admire him.  Plus, he was pretty kick-butt and nice.

And that is all for today.  I'm sorry I missed yesterday's post - I had relatives over and we were really busy. ;)


  1. i love perry and ren and adam

  2. I love Adam, Kerrick and Dean...The Iron Thorn was amazing, I've read it twice and although the second was good it wasn't AS good. Sadly...
    Keep growing beautiful!

  3. Adam & Perry are absolutely wonderful! I'm super excited for both of the sequels for their books as well. :D Great list!

    Krystianna @ Downright Dystopian


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