Review: Chasing Brooklyn

Chasing Brooklyn
by Lisa Schroeder
Pages: 412
Format: Hardcover
Release Date: January 5, 2010
by Simon & Schuster

In this chilling companion to Schroeder's "I Heart You, You Haunt Me," a year has passed since Lucca dies, and Brooklyn and Nico are still struggling with their sorrow. As they work together to rediscover their passion for life again, they soon discover their growing passion for each other, as well.

I've never read a book like this before, with this kind of unique idea, or this kind of writing, and in the beginning I didn't really like it, but by the end I found myself really enjoying the story and the characters as they grew.  I think this book is a really sweet coming-of-age story, and a great introduction into this genre.

I've read ghost books before, but none quit like this.  It started off sad, and just got sadder as it went along.  It was a fabulous idea, fabulous story line, and, although it was kind of weird, fabulous writing.  Here's a little quote to show you guys the writing style:

"My fist pounds on the window.
I pound and pound
and open my mouth to scream.

Then, he's there.
In front of me.

Gray skin with eyes
black as the darkest night,
and lips blood red."

That is exactly how Schroeder wrote this book, and it was hard to follow and get into the book because of that, but about half-way through I got used to it and was totally captivated by the book.  I really liked how the romance grew over the course of the entire book, and that there was such a happy ending.  It's just a really strong story of getting over tragedy and moving on, and I loved it.

I really liked Brooklyn in this book.  I think she was strong, independent, and just an all-around solid character, perfect for this book.
I also really like  Luca.  He was so nice and sweet and really cared about Brooklyn, and I loved that.  There aren't many characters in this book but these two have enough personality for an entire cast.
I loved the whole haunting/love story thing going on in this book, and it seriously was such an entertaining guys should definitely pick it up if you get the chance. :) 

4 pink flowers


  1. Great review. I read this book recently as well. I've read one other book by Lisa Schroeder. I Heart You, You Haunt Me. I also gave Chasing Brooklyn 4 stars. I really enjoyed it and the characters and loved the happy ending.
    I've read several books in this form, in verse, before. What do you think of the form? Do you ever read poetry? I feel like this form of writing is easier gotten used to if you read poetry.


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