US vs UK #3

US vs UK is a meme hosted by Book Passion for Life.  In this meme, I will post a US and UK cover from the same book, and you guys will vote which one you like best.  I'll keep track of the score, and it will be a running competition!


The Score:
US: 2 UK: 0 Draw: 0

US vs UK Round 3

Eve and Adam by Michael Grant & Katherine Applegate


My Vote:

I think I'm going to choose the US edition.  I'm sorry, but the UK one is just boring and not eye-catching at all.  I think the US cover is more vibrant, says something, and isn't as bland as the UK cover.

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Which cover do you like best?
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  1. Yes US! Wow, the UK edition is super boring looking!

  2. Completely agree that the US cover is better. The UK one is so boring. Whoever made that selection wasn't doing a good job that day.

  3. Definitely the US cover, it is awesome. Lucky Australia has the US version also :) it is much better.

  4. It looks like the vote goes unanimously to the US! =)

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  6. US!!! That apple has spark. Literally.

  7. Definitely the US version, I was so disappointed when I saw the UK edition the other week in my local bookstore. It's so dull.


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