Review: The Friday Society

The Friday Society
by Adrienne Kress
Release Date: December 6, 2012
by Dial

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An action-packed tale of gowns, guys, guns–and the heroines who use them all. 
 Set in turn of the century London, The Friday Society follows the stories of three very intelligent and talented young women, all of whom are assistants to powerful men: Cora, lab assistant; Michiko, Japanese fight assistant; and Nellie, magician's assistant. The three young women's lives become inexorably intertwined after a chance meeting at a ball that ends with the discovery of a murdered mystery man.
 It's up to these three, in their own charming but bold way, to solve the murder–and the crimes they believe may be connected to it–without calling.
Set in the past but with a modern irreverent flare, this Steampunk who-dun-it introduces three unforgettable and very ladylike–well, relatively ladylike–heroines poised for more dangerous adventures.

*A copy was provided by Dial for review purposes*

The Friday Society was probably my most-anticipated release of 2012, and it really didn’t disappoint.  It was just one of those books that was so effortlessly awesome, you’ll never forget it.  I loved how Kress got right into the story from page one, and from then on it was a fast-paced rollercoaster ride.  It was funny, action packed, well-written, an just perfect.  I loved the wit and kick-ass-ness incorporated into the book, and most of all I liked that the main character were kick-butt women.  Awesome!
I will say that the only part of the book that I didn’t like was the ending.  For me, it all happened just a little to easily.  I think Kress was eager to just finish the book, so she became sloppy with the loose ends.  I also didn’t really like the ending after the ending.
But, other than those two small details, this book was awesome.  There aren’t many books that don’t have guys or romance in them, and while this book had a little of that, it was only a minor thing, and I loved that!  It was kind of a “girls only” book.

I must say, this group of girls might just be my favorite characters EVER!  Each one was kick-ass to the fullest, and I loved reading about them.
Nellie was so awesome!  I loved that she was pretty and girly but still really kick-butt.  Cora was really smart and brilliant, and it’s cool to see that in a book.  And, even though she couldn’t speak English, Michiko was freaking awesome!

This book is one of the few that I will probably keep forever and read over and over again, because seriously, it’s freaking awesome!

4 stars


  1. I love books with kick-ass girls and strong friendships. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Great review. :)

    ~Sara @ Forever 17 Books

  2. Aww, I can't wait for this book! It sounds so good--and sometimes, doesn't everybody just want a book with no romance, no real drama--just girls. How epic? I mean, they look like a steampunk Charlie's Angels! I can't wait to read it! (:

    Great review, Emily!

    Megan@The Book Babe

  3. I am not a fan of multiple POVs but this sound amazing. You made me want to order it. Great job.

    Zemira @ YA Fanatic

  4. I put this on my netgalley request list. I am crossing my fingers they'll approve it. It sounds so much fun!

  5. I've a weak spot for books with kick-ass heroines and this one looks very good. First time I'v heard of it. I'm adding it to my TBR now.


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