Review: Vanish

by Sophie Jordan
Series: Firelight #2
Release Date: September 6, 2011
by HarperTeen

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An impossible romance.
Bitter rivalries.
Deadly choices.

To save the life of the boy she loves, Jacinda did the unthinkable: She betrayed the most closely-guarded secret of her kind. Now she must return to the protection of her pride knowing she might never see Will again—and worse, that because his mind has been shaded, Will’s memories of that fateful night and why she had to flee are gone.

Back home, Jacinda is greeted with hostility and must work to prove her loyalty for both her sake and her family’s. Among the few who will even talk to her are Cassian, the pride’s heir apparent who has always wanted her, and her sister, Tamra, who has been forever changed by a twist of fate. Jacinda knows that she should forget Will and move on—that if he managed to remember and keep his promise to find her, it would only endanger them both. Yet she clings to the hope that someday they will be together again. When the chance arrives to follow her heart, will she risk everything for love?

After reading and liking Firelight ok I was fairly excited about a second book.  Firelight was just ok for me, but this book, wow, this book is something special.

I loved it.  That pretty much sums it up.  The story line was amazing, the romance was amazing, the
writing was amazing.  I couldn't believe the tight spaces Jacinda got into but still managed to worm her way out.  And I know I say I don't like triangle in books because it lowers my opinion of the main girl character, but it totally worked for this book.

I have mixed feelings about Jacinda.  On the one hand, she's smart, fierce, and doesn't give up.  On the other, she's conflicted, weak, and can't choose the right guy.  Although, overall, the likes outnumber the dislikes, so for me she's a pretty solid character.
Now, on to the love triangle: I like Will, and I like Cassian.  But I like Cassian better.  Like I said in my review of Firelight, will is too buff and unfeeling for my taste.  While there wasn't a whole lot of Cassian in Firelight, there was in Vanish, and I can't help liking him more overall.  He's strong, caring, gentle, and I just think Jacinda should stay with him.

One more things I have to add is that I love this cover.  The whole scales, blond hair, white face thing works together perfectly.

All in all, I really like this book and can't wait to read the next one.

5 pink flowers

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