Review: Sweet Venom

Author: Tera Lynn Childs
Series: Medusa Girls #1
Pages: 345
Format: Hardcover
Rating: 2.5/5

Grace just moved to San Francisco and is excited to start over at a new school. The change is full of fresh possibilities, but it’s also a tiny bit scary. It gets scarier when a minotaur walks in the door. And even more shocking when a girl who looks just like her shows up to fight the monster.

Gretchen is tired of monsters pulling her out into the wee hours, especially on a school night, but what can she do? Sending the minotaur back to his bleak home is just another notch on her combat belt. She never expected to run into this girl who could be her double, though.

Greer has her life pretty well put together, thank you very much. But that all tilts sideways when two girls who look eerily like her appear on her doorstep and claim they're triplets, supernatural descendants of some hideous creature from Greek myth, destined to spend their lives hunting monsters.

These three teenage descendants of Medusa, the once-beautiful gorgon maligned by myth, must reunite and embrace their fates in this unique paranormal world where monsters lurk in plain sight.

I was really, really looking forward to reading this book.  I totally judge books by their covers (sometimes I don't even read the summaries before I buy them) so I thought this book would be amazing, because the cover certainly is.  But, sadly, I was a little disappointed.

The story line was ok, average.  I didn't really see the point of two girls having different romances at the same time, especially when the romances contributed nothing to the book itself.  I did, however, like that the book was told from three different views because when one is laying around at home, another could be fighting a monster, and if it was just one point of view, you wouldn't get to "witness" the fight.  The did like the ending though, and the cliffhanger is completely necessary to keep people interested.

There are three different points of view here: Grethen, Grace, and Greer.  Of all three of them, I honestly can't choose which one I like best.
On one hand, Gretchen is kick-ass, no nonsense, and really smart and strong.  I like a strong character.  On the other hand, Grace is shy, a self-proclaimed door-mat, but I also like that she stood up for herself and she's the one that I relate with most, not because I'm weak or a door-mat or anything, but I just feel for her.  And Greer-I can't really say why I like Greer.  Maybe because she's popular, which I know is a really shallow reason to like someone, but oh well.  I did like that she changed though.
I said in the beginning that I didn't really get the boys in this book, and it's true: they are useless in this story.  Milo (I totally don't like his name, btw) is just Grace's brother's friend and Grace happens to think he's cute.  Now, if he was a monster with rare powers to conceal his true identity or something like that, then I would totally understand him being in this book.  As it was, he contributed nothing to the book.  And as for Nick, same with him.  They were useless and I have no idea why they were in the book.

All in all, definitely not my favorite book, but I will definitely look forward to and read the next on when it comes out.


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