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Top Ten Eight Best/Worst Movie Adaptations


Now, before we start, a few notes.  I always try to read the books before I see the movies so I have actually read all the books that go with the movies below.  The covers below are going to be the movie covers, and I will be talking a bit about why I liked the movie or didn't like the movie and the book so there might be a few  spoilers.  I wanted to let you guys know because I can't find a text color that will blend in completely with the pink boxes around my text, so the spoilers ARE visible, but not overly so, so if you want to skip them then you still can.  Oh and I'm also going to rant.  A lot.  I don't know if you guys read my little captions but I'm going to write them anyway lol.


The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins - Book | Movie
Best - This movie was freaking amazing.  The book was freaking amazing.  Jennifer Lawrence is freaking amazing.  I am so obsessed with this movie and the books and I have the whole beautuiful box set and I have a movie guide and the movie on DVD and a HUGE movie poster.
I think that Gary Ross (the director) did a really great job adapting the movie around the book, even though I was SO PISSED that Madge wasn't included in the movie.  [SPOILER: Instead they have this whole thing where Katniss gets the Mockingjay pin at the Hob and gives it to Prim for good luck at the Reaping and then Prim gets reaped and Katniss volunteers and so the pin obviously doesn't work but then Prim gives it BACK to Katniss for good luck in the games.  WHAT!? NO.  JUST NO.  It would have been so much easier to just pick a random actress to get 5 minutes of face-time and just clear up all that other pointless crap and make it so much simpler. ]
But, other than that, the movie followed the book almost perfectly and was just really really REALLY amazing!  The casting was very, very, VERY well done.  Jennifer Lawrence IS Katniss, Josh Hutcherson IS Peeta (even though I don't like Peeta), Liam Hemsworth IS Gale, and Woodly Harrelson and Elizabeth Banks ARE TOTALLY Haymitch and Effie.  I LOVE THIS MOVIE!

My Review

Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick - Book | Movie
Best - Oh hey look there's Jennifer Lawrence again.  Coincidence that I loved this movie and THG which she also stars in?  I think not.
This movie was a lot different from the book, I'll admit it, but it was almost better because of it.  [SPOILER: The book was much more sad and dark and Pat's dad completely ignored him and it wasn't as funny or dramatic as the movie.  In the movie it's much more uplifting and funny and lighthearted and the big twists in the book are explained right away in the movie, so they kind of changed that one around.  There was a lot more drama and they added a whole new betting twist to make the dance competitition more momentous, and also the dad really supported Pat which I really liked. ]
And then you have the characters.  Jennifer Lawrence totally deserved the Academy Award she won for playing Tiffany because she was just amazing in this movie, and Bradley Cooper totally deserved to be nominated omg they depicted the characters so well.  Oh and by the way I loved the book too.

My Review

Harry Potter #1-7 by You Know Who (get it, get it?!  lol
Book | Movie
Average - I wasn't a huge fan of the movies.  I actually thought they kind of got gradually worse as they went along.  No hate meant at all in what I'm about to say, but I just didn't think it was very well acted.  Emma was pretty good, and I guess Rupert was decent, but Daniel Radcliffe kind of stunk.  In my opinion.  PLUS, HE DIDN'T HAVE FREAKING GREEN EYES!
Don't get to wrong, I liked the movies, I just didn't LOVE THEM.  In my opinion the first two were the best because they were so cute and could pull it off.  Plus Hermione had really bushy hair just like I pictured in the book (she lost the bushyness as the movies went on).  Ugh.  Plus, most of Deathly Hallow Part 1 was shot in the dark.  I literally couldn't tell what was going on because I couldn't see anything.  The movies were kind of disapointing, especially after the books.  BUT I LOVED SNAPE IN THE MOVIES!  OMG HE WAS SO AWESOME!!

The Lighting Thief by Rick Riordan - Book | Movie
Worst - The book was so good.  The movie sucked beyond words.  Wow.  What the heck were the directors thinking?!  Did they even read the book when they were making the movie?!  Ten bucks said they didn't.  To me, the acting sucked too.  I mean Logan Lerman IS Percy, but he sucked.  No offense to anyone, but I think he did.  Also, ANNABETH IS FREAKING BLONDE!!!!!  NOT A REDHEAD - BLONDE!  Ugh.  I did like Grover though.  But the special effects and story line were just HORRIBLE!  Gosh the story line was the worst I've ever seen.  Now this is coming from someone who has read the whole series.  I'm sure people who haven't read the books think this movie is great, but really it's not.  Sorry.

Inkheart by Cornelia Funke - Book | Movie
Worst - I can't really remember the book very well but I think I enjoyed it.  The movie just wasn't that awesome though.  The dialoge for one was really bad, and the story line didn't follow the book AT ALL!  The ending was so easy and the staging was pathetic.  Although Dustfinger was kind of hot.

How To Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell - Book | Movie
Average - I can't really remember the books for these either but I DO remember that they were freaking hilarious.  The movie was pretty good but different from the book. I definitely liked the book better.  I really need to finish the series.  I also liked the animations and stuff, and the voice for Hiccup was perfect for the character.

I'm feeling lazy now and Tom & Jerry is on so I'm not going to list the other two I have planned so I'll just talk about them here.  The first is Pride & Prejudice the old BBC series version with Collin Firth and Jennifer Ehle not the crappy Kiera Knightly one that came out like 8 years ago.  That movie is freaking amazing.  And then  I also wanted to mention Eragon because it was SO UNBELIEVABLY BAD!

What's your Top Ten this week?
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  1. Agreed that the Percy Jackson movie was a big fat fail. Another real stinker was the Unfortunate Events movie. I can't even bring myself to try and remember it.

    Bella | BELLAETC

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