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I'm so excited for this blog tour stop!  This book has an absolutely gorgeous cover, and it looks so awesome.  So today I have an awesome interview, excerpt, and giveaway for you guys!! :)

The Watcher
by Lisa Voisin
Pages: 541
Format: Paperback
Release Date: March 4, 2013
by Inkspell Publishing

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Millennia ago, he fell from heaven for her. Can he face her without falling again?
 Fascinated with ancient civilizations, seventeen-year-old Mia Crawford dreams of becoming an archaeologist. She also dreams of wings—soft and silent like snow—and somebody trying to steal them. When a horrible creature appears out of thin air and attacks her, she knows Michael Fontaine is involved, though he claims to know nothing about it. Secretive and aloof, Michael evokes feelings in Mia that she doesn’t understand. Images of another time and place haunt her. She recognizes them—but not from any textbook. In search of the truth, Mia discovers a past life of forbidden love, jealousy and revenge that tore an angel from Heaven and sent her to an early grave. Now that her soul has returned, does she have a chance at loving that angel again? Or will an age-old nemesis destroy them both? Ancient history is only the beginning.


1. Why did you decide to become a writer?
My desire to write first started when I was in the 9th grade. I was going through a really tough time and needed an outlet for my feelings and something to do with my imagination. I also loved reading. Of course, the desire grew from there as I learned the craft of writing.

2. Who were your biggest influences?
I’m inspired by many authors: Cassandra Clare, Melissa Marr, Laurel K. Hamilton, Kelley Armstrong. But the absolute top of that list would be Neil Gaiman. I absolutely love his writing style.

3. Where do you like to write?
I like to write at home, but sometimes the cats get a little crazy and prance all over my keyboard, so then I pick up and go to a local café.

4. Do you have a special routine you like to do before you write?
I don’t have a routine. I’ve heard that many writers do. I just try to write as often as I can. I also challenge myself by doing NaNoWriMo, especially if I have ideas and I want to flesh them out.

5. When and how did you get the idea for The Watcher?
There were many ideas behind the creation of this book. The story itself started with an idea I had in 2006 about a boy who woke up one day to discover he was really an angel, but it wasn’t until I read my first YA paranormal romance that I found a fit for him. I felt it was best to cover the challenges he faced by pairing him with a human girl who was the only one who could see what he really did.

6. Is there another book in the works? If so, what can we expect?
Yes. I am currently working on a sequel, called The Warrior. After what happened in The Watcher, there’s a backlash, and Mia gets pulled further into the world of angels and demons, where she learns more about who she is and what she must do to help.

1. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?
Dark chocolate

2. Cats or dogs?
Cats (though I love all animals)

3. Hardcover, paperback or ebook?

1. Movie?
Hard to say… The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King, I think. It was so epic.

2. Ice cream flavor?
Butterscotch ripple or crunch or something

3. Animal?
Siberian tiger

4. Book?
Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

5. Actor and actress?
I’d have to say Hugh Jackman is a favorite, and Maggie Smith (Downton Abbey!!!)

6. Fictional character?
Does TV count? If so, Castiel in Supernatural. 


He pulled the car over to the side of the road and parked it without speaking. As the rain thrummed against the roof of his car, my heart stuttered anxiously against my ribs, like a hummingbird flapping its tiny wings. 
He took a deep breath and his voice was thick when he said, “If I misled you…” 
 My heart stopped, and I blinked at him as heat filled my face. He hadn’t misled me. The feelings I had for him were one hundred percent my own doing. I should have known better. 
“I’m not available,” he continued, “the way you want me to be.” 
What did he mean, the way I wanted him to be? Any way I could be with him would be fine. Anything was better than not speaking at all. And then the pieces came together: gorgeous and unavailable. He had a girlfriend. Oh God! Why hadn’t I seen the signs before? He didn’t flirt with anyone because he was in love with someone else.
Not caring about the rain, I opened the door and dashed out of the car. 
Michael caught up with me and grabbed my arm. I pulled it away. 
“It’s wet,” he said. “I’ll take you home.” 
Tears burned my eyes, making me grateful for the heavy rain that washed them away, cooling my skin. “I’ll walk.” 
“Come on,” he said, “don’t be foolish. You’ll catch a cold.” A wet strand of hair clung to my face. He brushed it aside, so gently, and a deep current trembled through me, compelling me toward him. It was all I could do to hold my ground. His eyes widened and he stepped back. In that moment, I knew he felt it too. 
I glared at him. How dare he touch me? Why did he care? Why did he pay attention to me at all? 
He shook his head sadly. “Mia, I’m…” 
Taken. I know. I shook my head, not wanting to hear any more, and there was this look he gave me, a mixture of pain and something else—something forbidden—that made me want to kiss the rain from his lips.


Lisa Voisin and Inkspell Publishing are giving away print (US/Canada/UK) and ebook (INT) copies of The Watcher  as well as this lovely angel wing necklace.

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~About Lisa Voisin~


A Canadian-born author, Lisa Voisin spent her childhood daydreaming and making up stories, but it was her love of reading and writing in her teens that drew her to Young Adult fiction.
A self-proclaimed coffee lover, Lisa can usually be found writing in a local café. When she's not writing, you'll find her meditating or hiking in the mountains to counteract the side effects of drinking too much caffeine!
Though she’s lived in several cities across Canada, she currently lives in Vancouver, B.C. with her fiancé and their two cats.


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  1. Hhmmm. I like books about angels because I find their struggles with right and wrong very interesting. Castiel (from Supernatural) is my favorite angel character - even though he has gone off of the deep end (again - SMH) in recent episodes.

    I'd love to win that necklace.

    Yikes. I think that I posted the wrong link in Twitter entry. Not sure how to correct. It should be

  2. I like reading about angels. It's the closest I'll probably get to one while I'm still breathing! I especially like reading about fallen ones and the struggles they go through trying to get back into God's grace.
    I would love to win the print copy or the necklace or the e-book!
    I'd be happy with any!

  3. I love that angels are pure creatures and have vast resources of generosity. Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

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