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Today I am featuring the awesome book See, and I will be doing an interview and giveaway with the author!!

by Jamie Magee
Series: See #1
Pages: 323
Format: Ebook
Release Date: May 5, 2012
by Jamie Magee

Forgetting who you are, your ambitions, your passions is crippling….but remembering – embracing your purpose with a new sense of determination is more than empowering….it's life altering. Charlie Myers is on a life altering path that will cause the dammed to humble in silence. One night…just a few friends, how could it go so wrong? That was the question seventeen year old Charlie Myers was asking when she found herself in the ER. Outwardly nothing was wrong with Charlie, she was a vision of perfect heath, internally she was battling a raging headache…one the doctor told her she would overcome shortly, but Charlie knew something else was wrong …very wrong. Part of her had been stolen…she was missing memories. Those memories were sacred. They held the key to her sanity. They told her that the sinister whispers, the shadows that came to life before her were not as ominous as she felt they were. They held the bond with her late father, a famed musician. They caused her to forget the one talent that allowed her to face the darkness that haunted her every waking hour. They also masked a much deeper bond, the face of the one that had stolen her heart, long before the age of seventeen. Sitting in the ER with her angry mother she couldn’t figure out what she was missing, or even how. Her thoughts told her that she needed to protect Britain, a friend of hers, but that didn’t make any sense – Britain didn’t need to be protected from anyone, he was strong, young, and absurdly wealthy. Charlie also knew that even though her friend Bianca called Charlie her best friend, she didn’t trust her …she was almost sure she despised her, but she couldn’t figure out why, or understand how random thoughts were telling her that she adored both Britain and Bianca – that they were her saviors – that they brought silence to the unstoppable whispers, but the silence scared Charlie. In her mind anyone or anything that could bring silence to something that dark could not be good. Charlie wanted to stay in NY, figure out what she was missing, why, and who was behind it all, but her mother had other plans. Against her will, Charlie was sent to Salem to live with her sister, within that small town Charlie found her memories and so much more. Her story begins now.


1. Why did you decide to become a writer?
I can’t say that it was ever a decision. I was just a daydreamer -- one day a daydream came along that I just could not fight the urge to put to paper. I never dreamed of sharing this with the world!

2. Who were your biggest influences?
My answer may not make any sense but I would have to say Joseph Campbell. His vast outlook on our world and his style of communicating is something I adore.

3. Where do you like to write?
Anywhere I can find a place to settle down with my laptop and headphones. Oddly the more insane it is around me the faster the story flows.

4. Do you have a special routine you like to do before you write?
Beyond a quick run through facebook I don’t. Caffeine, good music, and a keyboard is all I need to get started!

5. When and how did you get the idea for Insight and See?
A few years ago I was daydreaming while wrapping Christmas presents. Willow, my green-eyed girl, flashed a scene full of emotion before my eyes. I mulled over that daydream until the New Year came. On January second I decided to chase this scene, figure out how it came to be in the first place.
As the Insight story grew the story of SEE came into view and before I could even fathom the scope of this massive daydream two different series had emerged.

6. Is there another book in the works? If so, what can we expect?
My See series will have a fourth book release on June 10th:Redinfined. This fall I have a new series coming out as well!


1. Dark chocolate or milk chocolate?

2. Cats or dogs?
Love both – but I do have more dogs…

3. Hardcover, paperback or ebook?
Ebook, just because I can take all my books with me everywhere.


1. Movie?
The Notebook.

2. Ice cream flavor?
Cookies and cream.

3. Animal?

4. Book?
I can not choose!

5. Actor and actress?
Morgan Freeman can't decide on the actress...

6. Fictional character?
Harry Potter :)


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this!!

  2. Thanks for Sharing. Jamie has done an amazing job of keeping me occupied when I "needed" to be! I am very thankful for her talent and love to see it shared.

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  4. Great interview and I'm quite interested in the author's books now :)

  5. this series looks very interesting! new author for me, will keep an eye out on it :) great interview.


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