Review: Inside

by Maria V. Snyder
Series: Inside #1-2
Pages: 600
Release Date: February 21, 2012
by Harlequin

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The world of Inside is simple. Do your job, stay out of the way and don't dream of anything better. Because as every Scrub knows, there are no other options.

Until Trella—the Queen of the Pipes, as some call her—gets involved with a revolution that will rock her world….

Trella was just doing a favor for a friend—her only friend. Hiding an injured man from the Pop Cops seemed easy enough—though dangerous. But then she discovered that the myths of Outside might be real….

Being Inside's hero only left Trella with more work. Ducking those responsibilities, she continued to explore her stark world—and found something she never expected. Strangers. From Outside…

*A copy was provided by The Great and Mighty and Awesome Maria V. Snyder for review purposes*

Note: Since there are two different books in this edition, I will be doing two seperate reviews

Inside Out

 Maria V. Snyder is easily my most favorite fantasy writer ever, so I was excited to see what she would do with her dystopian series. The things that really stand out to me about her other series (the Study series and the Healer series) is that they have REALLY kick-ass main female characters, REALLY hot, attractive guys, and a really awesome supporting cast. I feel like M.V.S. still managed to incorporate most of this into this book.

The idea behind this book is totally awesome and completely original. As usual, Snyder got right into the story from page 1, no messing around. I loved how she explained the situation and setting without boring everyone to death, and the story line moved smoothly and quickly. Her writing and staging was simply amazing, and the fact that the story moved so quickly, plus the twists and turns, made this book an awesome thriller.

Usually when I talk about a Maria V. Snyder book I rant on and on about the huge cast. But this cast, while pretty big, isn't like her other books' casts, because this book focuses on mainly two poeple, and that is Trella and Riley. Trella has a huge legacy to live up to what with her competition (Yelena and Avry) and I think Trella really held her own. She wasn't an awesome fighter or anything like Yelena, but she strong, smart, tough, and kick-ass in her own way. Riley also has a lot to live up to as well after Valek, and I think he held is own as well, but not as much as Trella did. Riley was nice, sweet, attractive, but not overly hot or sexy or appealing like Valek. But oh well, not everyone can be a Valek right?

I think that Maria V. Snyder did a really awesome job branching away from her normal fantasy genre and trying out a dystopian book. Even though I miss the awesome supporting cast and extremely attractive main guys in her other books, I think this one is unique from her, and I can't wait to read the second one and see where this story is going.

4 pink flowers

Outside In

Well, Maria V. Snyder has done it again! She has made a masterpiece! I actually liked this book a bit more than the first book, Inside Out . Like all her books, this one had non-stop action, twists and turns, and awesome writing. I loved how she find some way to continue on from the first book, and I really like what she came up with. The idea was so cool, and really imaginative! The plot was really complex, and there were so many situations to get out of, but I really liked that Maria V. Snyder made the escapes believable.

Like I said in my first review, this series has a different cast structure than her other books, but I actually like the cast a bit more in this book than I did in the first book because she focuses on only a few, and we get to know them better. What Maria V. Snyder did with Trella - the main character in this book - was pure genious. She wrote her as annoying, selfish, and reckless, and she used that to affect her relationship with Riley (the main guy). But then has Trella realise what she's become, and she fixes it. I'm not sure if I explained that very well, but it was just really smart of Snyder to manipulate her character like that. For the supporting cast, Snyder really focused on Logan, Anne-Jade, Babba Boom and Doctor Lamont, and I gotta tell you, they made the book a whole lot more interesting.

Time and time again Snyder stuns me with her imagination, writing skills, and her ability to make you fall in love with her books and her characters. These books were probably really out of her comfort zone, but wow, did she ever deliver. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next!

5 pink flowers


  1. These books sound really good! I've been hoping to get my hands on Maria Synder's books for a while.

    Sincerely, Steph

  2. These books...they're amazing. I loved them to death. Like they went back to the library dead. And I need to buy copies so I can kill them and have them on my shelf. Because they're stinkin' wonderful :) I loved the plot and really felt like I was Inside you know? I just really really loved it. Not to mention the titles. Inside Out & Outside In. I just love everything about these two :) Sierra
    Keep growing beautiful!

  3. I def need to check these out. I love her Poison series.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  4. Thanks for the fantastic Review Emily! These books were a lot of fun to write and I enjoyed challenging myself. And it's nice to hear you liked book 2 better - it's rare to hear that as the first book is always new and exciting because everything is...well, new so it's much harder to find that for a second book in a series.


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