Review: The Dead and Buried

The Dead and Buried
by Kim Harrington
Pages: 304
Release Date: January 1, 2013
by Point

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A haunted house, a buried mystery, and a very angry ghost make this one unforgettable thriller.

Jade loves the house she's just moved into with her family. She doesn't even mind being the new girl at the high school: It's a fresh start, and there's that one guy with the dreamy blue eyes. . . . But then things begin happening. Strange, otherworldly things. Jade's little brother claims to see a glimmering girl in his room. Jade's jewelry gets moved around, as if by an invisible hand. Kids at school whisper behind her back like they know something she doesn't.

Soon, Jade must face an impossible fact: that her perfect house is haunted. Haunted by a ghost who's seeking not just vengeance, but the truth. The ghost of a girl who ruled Jade's school — until her untimely death last year. It's up to Jade to put the pieces together before her own life is at stake. As Jade investigates the mystery, she discovers that her new friends in town have more than a few deep, dark secrets. But is one of them a murderer.

*A copy was provided by Point in exchange for an honest review*
This is probably going to be a pretty short review, because I don’t really have a lot to say about this book.  In the beginning of this book, I was really loving it.  the writing was awesome, the idea was really original, and the story line was really good.  But I can’t help but be a little disappointed in this book.  For one thing, I don’t really feel like the mystery part of the book was very well executed.  The way the main character found out who was guilty wasn’t very well done, and the motive, while kind of believable, wasn’t that good either.

This cast of characters is average.  There is the love interest, and the main character; simple.  And that’s kind of what the characters were: average and simple.  There wasn’t really a reason for me to hate Donovan and Jude, the love interest and main character, but by the same token there wasn’t really a reason to love them either.  Jude was smart, nice, and pretty cool, and Donovan was cute, nice…and that’s about it.

After absolutely loving this book in the beginning, it went downhill, and ended up liking only a little.

2.5 pink flowers


  1. naww sorry to hear that it went down the hill. Havnt heard of this book but that cover looks good. Not thrilled to read it though so thanks for sharing. Great review and hope your next read will be better.


  2. Nice sweet review Emily. Too bad this book was just normal. i really like the idea of this book too.

  3. So, I read the summary first and immediately clicked on the Goodreads link. Now, coming back to your review, I was like, "Oh." Thanks for the review because the summary sounded amazing.

    Marie @ Marie's Bookworm Blog

  4. I have seen so many reviews from people who didn't enjoy it. I think I'll definitely be passing on reading it now. I actually really liked Clarity by her, so I'm disappointed that The Dead is Buried isn't as good. Great review! :)

  5. Ugh. I hate it when a book starts off strong, then ends up being disappointing.


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