Review: Envy by Elizabeth Miles

by Elizabeth Miles
Series: Fury Trilogy #2
Release Date: September 4, 2012
by Simon Pulse

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The Furies are back in the second book of a chilling paranormal trilogy where revenge rules the day—and “sorry” isn’t going to cut it. Spring is coming, and the ice is slowly melting in Ascension…revealing the secrets buried beneath.

     Emily Winters knows the Furies have roots in Ascension, Maine—but she’s about to discover that they’re deeper than she ever imagined. With the help of her new friend Drea, she vows to dig them out. But it’s hard to focus when she’s desperate to make up with JD, and to figure out why Crow, a mysterious Ascension High dropout, seems to be shadowing her.

     Meanwhile, new girl Skylar McVoy is determined to leave her own dark past behind. So she’s thrilled when popular Gabby takes her under her wing, and the stunning and sophisticated Meg offers to give her a major makeover. But everyone knows what happens to the vainest girl of all…

     It’s tempting to be naughty. But beware: the Furies are always watching, and their power grows stronger by the day.

*A copy was provided by Simon Pulse for review purposes*
Contains minor spoilers.  They will be marked with [ ] 

I have a policy that when I read the first book in a series and hate it, I always read the second book to give the author another try. That is what I did with this series. The first book, Fury , I didn’t care for at all, but this book was a huge improvement over it.

I think what made this book so much better than Fury was the fact that the story line was already established and explained. [In Fury, we had to figure out that the furies were tormenting people who messed up, and Miles did a very poor job of explaining it to us. ] In this book, we already understood everything about the furies, so we weren’t like, “What the heck is she talking about?” like in the first book. Furthermore, the writing was significantly better than in Fury . I liked how Miles used to furies to stage events and drop hints throughout the book too.
The idea was really good too. It kind of reminds me of Pretty Little Liars (you know how A knows all their secrets? Well, in this book, the furies know all their secrets).
The one thing though that was kind of see-through was Em, or, to be more specific, what she was. Either I am a super genius and able to know everything, or it was pretty obvious (I’m not saying anything else because I don’t want to give you guys spoilers)

This was a very interesting cast of characters, and I liked most of them, but the one that I didn’t like was Skyler. In the beginning I felt really bad for her, but as the story progressed she turned into a (I know I don’t usually swear, but I have to this time) bitch. She took advantage of the fact that Gabby was so nice to her. She was sneaky, kniving, and just repulsive.
On the other hand, I really liked Gabby. Even though she was super popular, she was still really nice, and I love that Miles wrote her that way. Even though she didn’t have much to do with the actual story line, she still played a pretty big part in the book.

I am so glad that this book was better than Fury . Miles has finally learned how to build the plot and stage events, and she improved her writing a lot. I can’t wait for the next installment.
3 1/2 pink flowers


  1. I liked Fury, but I remember not being all that impressed with it. And I wanted to be because I really like stories that focus on the Furies. Thanks for your review...I may have to pick up Envy, if only to find out what Em is. :P

  2. :) So glad this book is better then the first!!! And curious about what Em is. The summary causes me to really want to read this book, so I'm glad its good. Gaby was one a character i liked for the same reasons in the first book. Sweet review Emily!


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