Has anyone seen War Horse?

I know I don't usually write reviews about movies (and this isn't even a review) but I saw War Horse last night and it was so sad.  I cried almost the entire time.  I never cry during movies.  You can call me heartless all you want (I didn't even cry when Rue died in The Hunger Games, although I came close) but I just don't do it.  But for whatever reason I was bawling after ten minutes.  But the thing is, it was a great movie!  Even though it was heartbreakingly sad it was a really good movie.  The plot and the characters (Albert was really cute (;  ) and the camera work especially, was really good.

And I just finished watching Journey 2 literally ten minutes ago and it was SO FUNNY!  I love Dwayne Johnson.  My BFF is pretty much in love with Josh Hutcherson and she's been trying to convince me he's cute and at first I was like no...but now ;).  One thing I will say is he works out!  After all he does have to do his pecks performance ;p (you'll get it when you watch the movie).  And Vanessa Hudgens...gorgeous.  And her dad in the movie was so funny I could barelly stop laughing.  All in all, a great weekend with two great movies.  Have you guys seen these movies and what do you think? :):):)


  1. You arent alone here Emily. I watched War Horse and I was like crying my head off too. It was soooo amazing pure epicness. THey reckon it was one of the best of S. S. I loved how smart and kind the horse was, it was sooo heartbreaking and heart lifting, I loved the ending, atleast it wasnt sad, and they were reunited again. hayyy. Loved your post. :) x



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