Saturday, May 25, 2013

1,000 Followers Giveaway

I logged onto my Dashboard on Tuesday, saw the number "1000" next to the word "Followers" and my mouth dropped open.  So what's the first thing I do? I call my mom.  Yep.  I called her at work and screamed "I GOT 1000" and she's like "whaattt?"  and I say it over again and she's like "Oh wow cool!" and I'm like "I know".

So I wanted to formally thank ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS for being so awesome and following me and commenting and entering my giveaways and just being all around amazing.



I have a bit of an issue.  On Tuesday I sent out 7 packages full of books, totaling $21 dollars that all came completely out of my pocket.  I'm not complaining, it's just that since I host so many giveaways I'm kind of losing money.  And for me, a 15 year old, that's kind of a big deal.  So I WILL be hosting a giveaway today,  but I also wanted to let you know about something I'm doing here on the blog.

Since I get so many books for review, and buy so many books, I own a lot of books.  I actually have completely filled up my bookshelf and have moved to my closet.  And I don't like every single book that I own and read.  I don't want to keep them, and if I give them away I'll just be wasting more money.  So I've started to sell the books I've already read that I received for for but didn't like, and also one's that I bought and either didn't like or don't want to read.

It hasn't really worked out very well.  So I'm here to ask you, followers made of awesome, to at least go check out THIS page, look at the list, and see if you want to buy any books.  I would really appreciate it because I could kind of make up the money I've lost sending out packages.  Consider it a donation to the blog, and you get a book as reward ;P

Anyway, okay, annoying part over.  Here we go, on to the giveaway!

Because you guys are so awesome, I've decided to give away two 2013 books!

~There will be 1 winner
~Giveaway ends on June 8, 2013 @ 12:00 A.M.
~This giveaway is US


Finished copy of Falling For You and signed finished copy of City of a Thousand Dolls.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I can't say it enough, you guys are awesome, thank you thank you thank you SO much for 1,000 followers!  AAAHH I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!


  1. Siege and Storm & The Distance Between us, definitely. Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. Christina K. in the rafflecopter

    Definitely Sky on Fire:)

    Thank you:)

  3. Siege and Storm. I cannot wait to start this series!

  4. This month is going to be my power month! Starting with Sweet Peril Wendy Higgins :)

  5. Aww too bad this giveaway is US only! But congrats on the 1.000 followers :D

  6. Congrats!!!

    A Time of Myths
    by Chris Blamires

    Good As Gone
    by Douglas Corleone

  7. Congrats on making 1,000 followers!

    Have you considered a book swap/exchange service for books that you no longer want or cannot sale? You could trade them for something that you would like to read.

  8. I am sooooo excited for Siege and Storm to finally come out. It's almost painful reading all of the ARC reviews.


  9. in may i cant wait for Of Triton!! Im not sure whats coming out in june,yet but im pretty sure there are a bunch i want!!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  10. Siege & Storm and Ashes on the Waves!! Congrats on 1,000 followers Emily! :)

  11. Monument 14 (sky on Fire I believe) or the new Sarah Dessen :) Thanks so much for this giveaway and that extra book you sent me for the last one. Your blog is seriously one of my top 3 :D

  12. I'm excited for Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren.
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    mestith at gmail dot com

  13. Congrats!!! :D

    I can't wait to read Dare You To. It just released yesterday, and I still have to get my copy!

  14. Congratulations on all the followers!!! Anyway, I'm super excited for The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen!(:

  15. Congrats! I'm most excited to read Of Poseidon by Anna Banks & then straight on to her new book Of Triton! :D


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