Monday, January 28, 2013

US vs UK #6

US vs UK is a meme hosted by Book Passion for Life.  In this meme, I will post a US and UK cover from the same book, and you guys will vote which one you like best.  I'll keep track of the score, and it will be a running competition!


The Score:
US: 4 UK: 0 Draw: 1

Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Mass


My Vote:

Wow, what awesome covers!  I really like both of them, but the UK one is more eye-catching and kick-ass looking.  It looks ethereal and scary, and supernatural, and I love that!

Links: Goodreads / Purchase

Which cover do you like best?
Leave a comment to vote!


Last week's winner was...US!
Click here to view last week's covers!!!


  1. I love both. Where the US cover encompasses Celaena's beauty, the UK cover shows how ba she is.

  2. I like both, but I think I like the US better. The UK cover looks more like manga to me. Thanks for sharing!


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