Hi everyone!

So school started.  Poop.

So yeah I'm making some major changes to my blog. I'm changing literally everything (except maybe the reviewing).

Since I started this blog over 2 years ago I've become completely obsessed with something known as fandoms.  Fandoms are basically a following of fangirls who are emotionally damaged and completely dedicated to a certain book (or anything else).

I have an Instagram for this, and this blog has kind of taken a back seat.  But the problem is, I really love reviewing books and talking to other readers.

So here's what I'm going to do. I am going to change this blog into a multi-fandom news source.  I will change the design and name, and I will post bookish/movie-ish things on here.  I will still be reviewing books, just maybe not so many review books or ARCs.  But I won't be doing anymore memes or blog tours.

I am in the Hunger Games, Vampire Academy, TFIOS, Divergent, and TMI fandoms, so I will post everything and anything from those fandoms.

The change begins now.  If some of you don't like that I changed my blog, I completely understand.  If you want to unfollow, that is perfectly fine.  No hard feelings :)

I hope that some of you do stay, though, and I hope that we can talk and interact a lot while suffering through the feels of fictional characters and movies.

This change will also allow me to post more often because instead of just posting reviews (like I have been for a while) I can post other things as well.

And, because I feel like it, I am going to be doing a HUGE  giveaway!

The Rules:
~This giveaway is US only
~All prizes are in ARC format
~Due to the fact that I am a teenager with little money, the winner will be required to pay $5 for shipping
~The first winner will get first pick on what package he/she wants, second winner gets second book, so on.
~Giveaway ends February 4, 2014 @ 12:01 a.m.

~Box 1~

~Box 2~

~Box 3~

~Box 4~

~Box 5~

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  1. Is this even a question... uh yes. Just about a million and a half. I'm in a ton of book fandoms. All of the same ones you're in and then I'm also in love with Teen Wolf and American Horror Story. And then the typical Harry Potter, etc. So yes, I am definitely in fandoms ahah.

  2. Divergent, THG, Percy Jackson...all the usual big ones ;) Also big on music fandoms as well! And just saying but fandom names are like ship names but with the books or artists that get you ;) So frickin cute! Great giveaway and I'm totally fine with changes!

  3. I guess I'm in a bunch. Wasn't sure what you meant at first:)

  4. I'm totally excited for this change! I'm not in any fandoms yet but all the ones you're in are for books/series I love. So maybe, I might become a total fangirling book lover! Good luuckk!

  5. No I don't thinks so, I don't really understand.

  6. I am not in a fandom but since I love all of the book series that you mentioned above, your blog will be my first, :)))

  7. I wouldn't say I'm necessarily "in" any fandoms, since I don't really participate in any fandom activity, but if I was, I'd definitely be in (for books): THG, VA, and TMI.


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