US vs UK #11 + Emily's Ramblings #1

US vs UK is a meme hosted by Book Passion for Life.  In this meme, I will post a US and UK cover from the same book, and you guys will vote which one you like best.


The Score:
US: 8 UK: 0 Draw: 2

Shattered Dreams by Ellie James


My Vote:

I think I'm going to have to go with the US cover on this round.  I do like that there is a tag line on the UK cover, but I don't really like the model or the design.  The US cover is prettier and more well-done.

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Which cover do you like best?
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Last week's winner was...US!
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Emily's Ramblings *drumroll*

Emily’s Ramblings is a weekly post I like to do where I basically ramble – a lot.  I talk about anything and everything!  I’m a teenaged girl so I might not keep the rambling strictly to books, but please just bear with me.  I have other interests than books and will be discussing them in these posts!

Who else really wants to see the Beautiful Creatures and The Host movies? *puts and up in the air and jumps around*.  Okay, who here has read both books? *puts hand down and cries in a corner*.  You got it folks – I HAVEN’T READ EITHER OF THESE BOOKS!  I know, I know, it’s like a crime or something, but I just haven’t had time.  I’m actually more excited to read/watch The Host because Beautiful Creatures doesn’t appeal to me as much, and also because the main girl in The Host, Saoirse Ronan, was in this really awesome, kick-ass movie called Hanna and I absolutely LOVED it so I can’t wait to see The Host because I think it’s the only once she’s done since Hanna.  Those of you who have seen Hanna know the awesomeness and kick-ass-ness that is Saoirse Ronan.

Okay, so, something you guys have to know about me is I have a bit of a crush (haha, who am I kidding, I’m obsessed) on Jeremy Renner.  He’s been in The Hurt Locker, The Avengers, The Bourne Legacy, and Hansel and Gretel.  And he has other ones that I haven’t seen yet.  I’ve seen the first three but not Hansel and Gretel and I really, really want to see it!  He is a really, really awesome actor!  He’s really kick-butt and omg his arms are huge and ugh.  Okay, sorry.  Teenager things.  Anyway, have you guys seen any of his movies?

Also, speaking of movies, I am completely OBSESSED with The Avengers.  I’ve seen it so many times that I can actually quote whole scenes.  I took an Avengers quote test and I got 100%.  Not kidding.  I know, I know, I’m such a nerd, but the movie is just so awesome.  And I like watching all the Hawkeye scenes.  And the cast that they have is the best I’ve ever seen – it’s just such an awesome group of people who have great personalities and goof around and ahhh, it’s just amazing. (If you want to see the bloopers from the movie YouTube “Avengers gag reel”.  You will die laughing).

Lately I’ve become super-addicted to Instagram.  I absolutely love it.  I follow a ton of other awesome book bloggers, but I’ve also found some Hunger Games and Avengers accounts that I absolutely love!  Seriously, what did I do with my life before I found Instagram?  And now I want to make a cool account like everyone else’s but I can’t because I don’t know how to edit and stuff.  And I really want Instagram to let people download pictures onto their phone like Tumbrl does, because I “like” a ton of pictures every day, and I really, really love a few and want to keep them but I can’t.  So I lose them :/

How was everyone’s Easter?  My mom withheld candy (oh, I’m sorry, the Easter Bunny) so I scouted out where she put the bag with all the candy in it and stole some.  *evil laugh*.  But she’ll know it was me because I’m always taking cookies and candy.  And I’m proud of it lol.

Okay so I hope that was a good first rambling post, and hopefully the first of many.  I’ll try to write one every Monday!  And again, I might not keep the stuff to just books, because I’m a teenager and I’m going to be going through teenage stuff (like thinking every single actor I ever see is the hottest man on earth lol), and I’m homeschooled and don’t really have many friends so I’m going to be gushing to you guys.  So deal with it.  Just kidding.  But you probs will be getting an earful.

And I’ll probably be talking about movies and actors most of the time, which, I personality think, is a good change from books every single day.  Adds some variety in. :)


  1. You haven't read the Host??? Find time for it soon! I am so excited for the movie! The trailer is pure awesomeness!

    I really enjoyed Avengers, but one of my friends absolutely loved it! She has been saying one line a lot and making me laugh. The line is something like "puny god".

    Thanks for the post!

  2. Wooohooo! The first ramblings post :D I have actually read BC, because of the movie, but I haven't read The Host yet. Jeremy Renner is so great :D I love him in Avengers and got like kinda creeped out how much he looked like Hawkeye on the cover of Hansel & Gretel. I saw this pictures somewhere where he is on the avengers set and he's kinda standing sideways/tilted with his hands on his hips and the caption is "Hawkeye is feeling awesome!" I died. Gag Reel? I must watch! I too can quote the scenes...I don't know how many times I've seen it though :p To many to remember!
    I vote US because I like the model more, but the colors and bottom half of the UK cover appeal to me a bit more if I wasn't considering the model.


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