A Mini-Review for Elemental Reality

Author: Cesya Marae Cuono
Series: Elemental #1
Source: Publisher
Rating: 1/5
I'm going to make this a really short review.  I didn't make it past 20 pages of this book and I'm writing this to tell you why.  I mean no offense to Cesya Cuono, so please don't take this review the wrong way.  It is my thoughts only and are not meant personally.

I didn't like this book.  I think all the events were too sudden and there wasn't any build to the story.  After 20 pages the main character had already met and formed relationships with two different guys, making a love triangle.  In my opinion, this kind of thing should take time.  The writing wasn't perfect either, though I did laugh a lot.  I put it down because I didn't see any potenial at all and I just couldn't finish.


  1. how do you give a star rating to a book when you ONLY read 20 pages? it makes no sense to me. i'm not a book reviewer but i give the book 100 pages before i give up. you also say you mean no offense to the author but yet in the next paragraph you publicly bash her writing skills. if all book reviewers are like you i feel bad for the authors who don't meet your expectations.

    i've read this book and i don't remember EVER reading about a love triangle. you apparently didn't pay any attention to the writing because you could tell right off the bat that something was up with the one guy. there is no rule on how relatonshsip are supposed to form. have you been in the real world at all? it depends on the people starting that relationship. yes eveyrone has their own opinion but you didn't even give this book a chance to pull you into the story. and you talk about no build to the story. HELLLOOOO?? did you NOT grasp the main characters confusion from feeling the elements? IF you would have read more you would have understood why the story was rushed but in MY OPINION the story was rather slow to start. you don't find out about ANYTHING until like chapter 15! clearly that wasn't amongst the pages you read. you should really think twice before you start to consider yourself a REAL reviewer. i don't mean offense BUT it isn't fair to the author to be publicly humilated like that and it's very unprofessional on your part.

  2. Hi Cady. I appreciate your opinion and will take all you said forward. As I said in my review, I didn't "bash" the author's writing, I said it wasn't perfect. And about the twenty page thing: I have got a lot of comments both here and on Goodreads about only making it 20 pages, and I'm sorry, but I'm not going to pick it up again. And if the story doen't get going until chapter 15, then I made the right choice. And in my review I said I. "Think" a relationship should take time. That is my opinion.
    I purposely didn't bash the author in this review, I just wrote my opinion

    1. At least you gave the book a try. There's no rule to writing reviews and you didn't have to go to 100 pages just to review it. I appreciate your review, it at least tells me you're not into that kind of book and I can still give it a try if I want. Which I will :)

  3. Thanks Candace. I do hope you like it and i'd love to read your review when you finish it. :)


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