Giveaway Policy

When you enter a giveaway where I send out the prize I save your address until I send out the package, but after that I delete it.  If it is a giveaway where the author or publisher is sending out the prize, I have to forward your address to them. I have no control over what they do with your address afterwards, and am therefore not responsible for anything that may happen as a result.

Below are the basic rules for all the giveaways on my blog.  The actual post will have more detailed rules.
  • ·  You must be 13 years or older to enter
  • ·  ·  I can choose how many winners there will be
  • ·  I can choose how many prizes there will be
  • ·  I can also change the ending dates when needed

And now is more of a disclaimer so I won't be held responsible for anything:
  • · I am not responsible for any items lost in the mail, and therefore I do not have to replace it.
  • · The time it takes to receive a prize varies.  It sometimes takes me a while to get to a post office to mail out the prize, though I do try to do it within a day or two.  Or it could just be that you live farther away so of course it will take longer.  However, it will eventually get to you.
  • · I am not responsible for any damaged prizes.  You have to trust that when I mailed it, it was in perfect condition.  I am a very honest person, and will never cheat you.
  • · If I host a giveaway where the publisher or author is sending out the prize, I will have to forward your address to them.  I will notify you of this in the email saying you have won, and you can choose whether or not you would still like to receive the prize.  As stated above, I have no control over what they decide to do with it.

Privacy Policy

I, Emily @ Emily's Crammed Bookshelf, do not collect information.  I do not save, sell, share, or in any way abuse any information you give me.  When you win a giveaway and send me your address, I delete the email with the address immediately after I send out the package.  However, if you put your email or address in comments I have no control over who sees and takes them, so I strongly suggest you don't.  If you do put your information in comments, I am not responsible for anything that happens as a consequence.

Review Policy

How do I review?
I give honest reviews.  If I hate a book I'm going to say it, but I will give reasons.  If I love a book, I'm going to say it, and I will give reasons.  If I say I hate a book that is just my opinion, and I am entitled to it.  Just because I read and hated a book doesn't mean you will read and hate the same book.  Everyone is different, and everyone has different opinions, so I ask that you respect mine because I will always respect yours.

Parts of my review:
  • ·  Author
  • ·  Series (if available)
  • ·  Pages
  • ·  Release Date (if ARC/copy for review)
  • ·  Publisher (if ARC/copy for review)
  • ·  Summery
  • ·  Review
  • ·  Rating
  • ·  Favorite Quotes (optional)

(If an author or publisher sends me a copy for review they will be mentioned in the review)

(All book details for the book (series, pages, summery) are taken from Goodreads)

Rating system:

1/5 = I hated it
2/5 = I thought it was ok, not horrible, but not good either
3/5 = I thought it was ok, average
4/5 = I thought it was really good
5/5 = I thought it was amazing!

**I am not in any way endorsed for writing my reviews.  All my reviews are my own thoughts and not at all swayed by an outside influence**

**All my reviews are my own work but authors and publishers may take them and quote them when they please.  When they do this they must notify me.  Other bloggers cannot take any of my work on this blog**

Where do I post my reviews:

  • ·  This blog
  • ·  Goodreads

Publicity Policies:

Do I accept novels for review?
Yes!  I do!  If you are an author or publisher and you want an honest review, then definitely get in touch with me.  I am accepting any kind of Young Adult fiction, physical copies only, no e-books whatsoever.  I don't always accept self-published works.  The book in question must be strictly Young Adult, no NA.  If it could in any way be categorized as adult as well, I will not accept.  I do not read non-fiction, graphic novels, romance, children’s and middle grade, or religion books.  If you would like to contact me requesting a review please include the following information:

  • ·  Title, author, and series
  • ·  Summery and publisher
  • ·  Link to Goodreads page

If all that information is not included in the email than I will not respond.  I'm sorry if this is mean, but I don't have time to be double checking and asking for more info over 20 emails.  Also, please keep in mind that I will not accept every review request.  It's nothing personal!

To contact me email me at: emscrammedbookshelf@yahoo.com

Do I participate in blog tours and other promotional posts?
Yes!  I do.  If you would like me to be a part of your blog tour, or would like me to do some kind of promotional post (giveaway, interview, spotlight), please contact me with the following information:

  • ·  Book, author, and series
  • ·  How long the tour runs and the link to the official tour site
  • ·  What kind of post you would like me to do

All the above info must be included in the initial emai for me to consider it!

To contact me email me at: emscrammedbookshelf@yahoo.com

Information about YADP (Young Adult Debut Promotions) for my followers:
Young Adult Debut Promotions (I usually call it YADP) is a post I have started where I feature debut authors to get them noticed by you guys.  I post very detailed information about the book and the author, so you guys will feel like you know them, and you might go and check out their book.  I do reviews, interviews, guest posts, excerpts, and always a giveaway.

Information about YADP (Young Adult Debut Promotions) for authors:
Young Adult Debut Promotions (YADP) is a post I do to get you and your book noticed by my awesome followrs, and others.  I give in-depth information about you and your book.  I always post a giveaway, to attract people to the post, with a review, interview, guest post, or excerpt optional.  I try to do three of those things, including a giveaway, in each post.  If I contact you and you do the hard work to get me the information I need, I will try my utmost to hold up my end of the bargain and give you as much publicity as possible.

Contact for Business Inquiries:
Fill out the form below for business inquiries


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